Course Structure

Eligibility: Any Bachelor Degree    
Sub. Code Subject Credits Sub. Code Subject Credits
MS-11 Computer Programming 5 MS-21 Software Quality and Testing 4
MS-12 Algorithm Analysis and Design 4 MS-22 Advanced Communication Network 3
MS-13 Discrete Mathematics 3 MS-23 OOAD and UML 3
MS-14 Advanced RDBMS 3 MS-24 Advanced Java 4
MS-L1 Computer Programming lab & Algorithm Analysis and Design (Lab) & Advanced RDBMS(Lab) 3 MS-25 Software Architecture 2
MS-L2 OOAD and UML (Lab) & Advanced Java (Lab) 2
MS-31 Project Management and Planning 3 MS-41 .Net Technology 4
MS-32 Client Server Computing 3 MS-42 Component Technology 4
MS-33 Real Time System 2 MS-43 VLSI 5
MS-34 Project Synopsis 4 MS-44 Project 3
Elective Stream 1: E-Commerce
MS3E11 E-Commerce 3 MS3E13 Cyber Law 2
MS3E12 Data Warehousing / Data Mining 3 MS3E14 Application Server 2
Elective Stream 2:System and Networking
MS3E21 Internet Programming 3 MS3E23 Voice and Video over IP 2
MS3E22 Mobile Computing 3 MS3E24 Embedded System 2
Elective Stream 3: Multimedia and Cognition
MS3E31 Pattern Recognition 3 MS3E33 Artificial Intelligence 2
MS3E32 Multimedia Computing 3 MS3E34 Image Processing 2
Grand Total 93


In 3rd Semester of M.Sc (IT), a candidate has to opt for any one of the three elective streams in addition to the two core courses, The candidate has to continue in the Elective stream in both the 3rd & 4th semester as well as do his/her project in his field of elective Specialization, change of elective is not permitted once a candidate has opted for a Particular Stream

Guidelines for Choosing Elective
Stream 1: E-Commerce: Any graduate car this elective
Stream 2: systems & Networking: Basic Knowledge of electronics is desirable for this elective
Stream 3: Multimedia & Cognition: Good Foundation of Mathematics is essential for this elective