About Sameera Educational Trust


           Sameera Educational trust  are the leading Education Service Provider based In Lucknow  / NCR established in 2007. In the this span we have successfully catered more than 50000 + Students with the help of 200 + Educational Associates.Our Trust serves as a High Tech Study Centre of Indian Universities in the areas of higher education to provide quality services to the student community. The major objective of the institution is to train a new generation of professionals who can face with confidence the emerging global economic changes in the international markets. Set up in a sprawling area with excellent infrastructure, it provides an ideal place for the students to advance their knowledge and practice their skill under expert guidance.This year we have a new objective, to create a useful networking system for students and alumni to be in touch with others who are involved in similar work and research to exchange cultural, academic and professional information with each other-both during and following our time in Institute. We hope that this new system will be used extensively to assist students and alumni with networking, research innovation, opportunities and cultural understanding.We also have a new link to a research tool designed specifically for the convenience and aid of students and professionals in the fields of international and comparative education, environmental and human rights.

We look forward to getting to know you and hope that Sameera Educational Trust is an interesting and useful organization for your studies and future in International work.